Hello and welcome to Cumberland Financial's Website.

  On This website we offer ways for ours customers and future customers to apply for a new loan. Applying online is simple and easy, just go to the Online Applications page and fill out all the required fields and once completed, the request will be sent to our representives to review your application.*By submitting an application you are agreeing to allow us to pull a credit bureau using your information*. You will recieve a call in under an hour from a Cumberland Financial Representative for further consultation.

   We also allow customers to Arrange a Payment , this feature allows you to arrange when you are going to walk-in, call-in or pay by card on a specific date. Fill out required fields on form and we hold you over to the date you specifiy.Use this feature to stop the collection calls coming from us.

    And finaly we offer a way for customers to send their card information to Set Up a Payment. You can also set up recurring payment on Set Up a Payment, so you dont have to worry about calling in every month.Also you can go to Pay by Check to set up your checking account to be recurring or just a one time payment.*all card information submitted through this site is kept confidential and secured*.

    If you have any further questions or concerns please visit the Contact page. We will answer your questions and concerns as soon as possible.Thank you for doing business with us!-Cumberland Financial team.